2015 Memory Hunt


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Can lost memory be found?


“Memory Hunt” is an education and fundraising event initiated by Hong Kong Alzheimer’s Disease Association (HKADA) last year in echoing the “World Alzheimer’s Month”. With the positive feedback of participants, “Memory Hunt” will be organized again this year. Fund raised will be used to support services of HKADA. Corporations/Schools/Groups/Individuals can team up to participate after soliciting specific amount of sponsorship.



In the Hunt, participants will be assumed losing memories of a certain period of time. Within specific time limit and with hints on the “Brain Reserve Cards”, teams must accomplish different missions at different “Memory Stations” before retrieving part of the lost memories. All pieces of memory will be bringing to the “Brain” (finishing point), after analyzing, logical reasoning and re-organizing, memories are rebuilt. The fastest team to resolve the puzzle will be the champion.


In the Hunt, you can experience those ups of downs emotion of the loss and found of memories! After the Hunt, can you understand the feeling of people with dementia and their family members? Are you ready to tackle dementia positively?



Date:9 Sept 2015(Sat)


Time:8:30 AM-12: 30 PM


The Team:Participants must form team of 4-6 members; and able to solicit sponsorship of at least HK$8,000

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