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The Hong Kong Alzheimer’s Disease Association (HKADA) was established in 1995, is a non-profit-making, self-financed charitable organisation without Government subvention. We are the only member of the Alzheimer’s Disease International in Hong Kong and the first local organisation specialized in providing services to people living with dementia and their families.


HKADA provides professional, multi-dimensional non-pharmacological interventions and services to people living with dementia and their family caregivers. At the same time, we provide education on brain health and knowledge of the disease to the general public; as well as training to medical practitioners, caregivers and professionals of various trades, to enhance their ability on early detection of the disease and their knowledge and skills in caring for people living with dementia.


In recent years, based on the philosophy of Confucian’s Six Arts - “Rites, Music, Archery, Charioteering, Literacy and Numeracy”, a modern, multi-intellectual cognitive simulating model of “6 Arts®” was designed. Such has been put to practise in our cognitive training and activities, and further extended to other elderly service units.

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