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Memory Clinic


Professionally trained registered nurse or occupational therapist will use series of internationally recognized assessment tools to assess the cognitive, psysho-soical and physical functions, as well as self-care ability, of people with early symptoms of dementia.

Those assessed as suspected dementia will be referred for further medical diagnosis and follow up.

Targeted service users

People showing early signs of dementia and not yet have a medical diagnosis.


Hong Kong Alzheimer's Disease Association is recognized service provider of "Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme". People aged 65 or above with HKID card can pay the above assessment fee with Health Care Voucher.

If you need to use health care vouchers, please inform our staff when registering.

For details and restrictions on using Health Care Vouchers, please refer to the HCVS website:

The Association can provide fee subsidies to applicants who have financial difficulties.


Please call 2338 1120.

Suspected cases who received Early Detection Service will be diagnosed and offered medical follow up by the Specialists. The Service aims to grasp the golden period for treatment. Normally, our Memory Clinic can provide diagnosis and medical follow up to suspected cases within three months.


Targeted service users

Person who received our Early Detection Service within half year and was recommended to have further medical consultation.


*The Doctors will recommend necessary medical examination (such as blood test or brain imaging) after the first consultation. 
**The memory clinic only prescribes medications for treating Dementia. Service users/ family members can pick up at our Memory Clinic, or purchase from the Community Pharmacies with our doctor's prescriptions.

People who are receiving or are eligible to apply for Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) or Old Age Living Allowance (OALA), can apply for subsidies provided by the Hong Kong Community Chest Medical Assistance Fund. Successful applicants will have their fees waived for one year, or until a successful referral to the government or subsidized medical services (whichever is earlier).


Please visit the website of Social Welfare Department for eligibility criteria


For Enquiries

2338 1120

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