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In Home Service


To design comprehensive care plans and home training for people living with dementia in order to maintain his/her abilities in daily functioning and reduce the effect of the disease to the minimum.



  1. To assess the psychosocial needs and independent living skills of people living with dementia

  2. To formulate individual care plans

  3. To implement home-based training by prescribing different therapeutic interventions, such as reality orientation, reminiscence, memory training and ADL/IADL training etc. which helps to slow down further cognitive decline

  4. To render professional advices for caregivers on home care management and behavioral management techniques

  5. To assess and offer consultation on environmental safety

Target group

  1. Individuals who are living with dementia

  2. Individuals with no contagious disease

  3. Individuals who need in-home training due to physical or psychological factors


In-home service fee

First session (assessment) : $650 (by Occupational Therapist) 

Thereafter : $330 per session (45 minutes, by Dementia Training Assistant) 

Consultation service of ​Home modification: $850 (around 1 hour)


(Please read the Personal Data Privacy Policy of Hong Kong Alzheimer’s Disease Association carefully BEFORE you download the form.)

Please contact us at 2338 1120 or complete the application form ( PDF ).

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