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About Six Arts®

Six Arts Brain Health Programme is designed by our multi-disciplinary experts in dementia care, including doctors psychologist, occupational therapist and social worker. The traditional Chinese “Six Arts” framework (Rites(禮)、Music(樂)、Archery(射)、Charioteering(御)、Literacy(書)、Numeracy(數)) is adopted in designing the training or activities for people with dementia, mild cognitive impairment, and healthy elders.
The “Six Arts brain health programs integrates aspects of physical, social and cognitive stimulation, so as to delay deterioration and the resultant sufferings by building up cognitive reserve.
Key factors of application of the “Six Arts” Model in dementia intervention:
Holistic Lifestyle Intervention: Providing comprehensive stimulation of physical, social, and a range of cognitive functions.
Variety and multiple-level activities: Meeting the needs of people with dementia at different disease stages and functioning levels, allowing continuous learning.
Active participation of all group members: Failure-free stimulation in a supportive social context which encourages active participation and maintains personhood.
Culturally relevant: Theme-based fun activities which is culturally tailored for the local Chinese Community.

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