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Education and Training

The Institute of Alzheimer’s Education (IAE) aims to provide training and educational courses for medical and social service practitioners, caregivers and general public, in order to raise understanding of dementia and help build the capacity for quality dementia care.

Regular courses/educational activities:

Tailor-made training and consultancy services will also be provided to organizations, schools, groups and corporates, including:

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Training service



  • Brain health and dementia

  • Effective communication and caring skills

  • Understanding and management of behavioral and emotional problems

  • Stress management for family caregivers

  • Prevention of disease

To provide various training services, including workshops, live demonstration and coaching

  • Assessment for dementia: administration and application

  • Non-pharmacological intervention for people living with dementia

Facilitate the development of quality dementia care, including

  • service planning and environmental design of facilities

  • preparation for operation

  • service quality control and improvement

Download Form:

Application for Public Education Talk (PDF) (Word)

Application for Staff Training (PDF) (Word)

Contact us

Please contact us for inquiries about our services

Tel:2815 8400 / 2338 1120

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